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This page contains a large list of all currently known tutorials for Gideros Studio or relevant Lua tutorials for game programming. Some of the links will not be complete tutorials and may just be code examples, I will try to note when this is the case.

If you have written a tutorial just leave a comment with the link and I will make sure to add it to the list.

This will be updated often. Last Update: July 3, 2012

Official Tutorials or Documents:

These are the docs and tutorials supplied by Gideros Mobile themselves. If you are here you are probably already aware of these. You can find an updated list and more on the official site in the Gideros Academy.

Gideros Studio Reference Manual
This is the online version of the reference manual and should be updated to the latest version of the SDK.

How To Get Started with the Gideros IDE
Very basic intro to using the Gideros IDE which is included with Gideros Studio.

Deploying to Device
Covers getting your app onto your iOS or Android device for testing, using the the Gideros Player. This allows you to instantly test your code as you make changes to it.

Events in Gideros
Explains how events work and how to use them in your app.

OOP in Gideros
How to use classes in Gideros. This will most likely be confusing if you have not done OO programming before, this tutorial is fairly brief.

Ultimate Guide to Gideros Studio
An intro book to Gideros, currently a work in progress but it already has a lot of good info on how Gideros works and how to do different things. by Arturs Sosins

Arturs has been producing some great tutorials and has been a huge benefit to the Gideros community. You can find all of his Gideros related tutorials on his site in the Gideros section of AppCodingEasy.

Box2d Magnets in Gideros
This tutorial shows how to create magnets in Box2d. There’s a full tutorial, sample code and a demo video showing the effect.

Using LuaSocket in Gideros
How to implement LuaSocket in Gideros. This plugin was added to Gideros in the last update and this is a full tutorial on how to implement it into your app.

Box2D and the Accelerometer in Gideros – Intermediate
How to create a labyrinth game or similar that requires physics and rotating your phone around. Includes sample project.

Creating Animated Box2d Objects – Intermediate
Uses Box2d and MovieClip to create animations. Includes a demo video and sample project.

Create Physical Terrain Using Box2d ChainShape – Intermediate
Extends a previous tutorial to create a physical terrain. Includes demo video and a sample project.

How to Add AdMob to Your Gideros Android App – Intermediate to Advanced (need to use Eclipse)
This tutorial allows you to add AdMob advertising to your exported Android app. This is a huge feature, and a great tutorial. Hopefully in the near future we will have plugins that make it easy to add many different ad platforms to both iOS and Android.

Exact Positioning Regardless of Screen Size
How to have certain elements ignore screen scaling, very useful if you need a score or button always at the edge of the screen.

Box2d Basics in Gideros
How to create a simple box2d world, comes with sample code.

Moving Camera in Gideros
Modifies the box2d basics code to have the view follow the ball around the screen. Video and sample code included.

Dragging Box2d Objects
How to create box2d objects that you can drag and throw around, with video and sample code.

Teleporting Box2d Objects
Modifies the dragging box2d code and adds “portals” for a very cool effect! Demo video and code included.

Creating a Switch in Box2d
How to create a switch or trigger in Box2d, so that when it is touched another element is activated or changed. Demo video and source.

Switch Gravity in Box2d Gideros
How to switch gravity in your Gideros app using Box2d.

Gtween with Gideros
A simple example of using Gtween to create animations.

Creating and Breaking Shapes in Box2d
Cool tutorial that shows how to create a shape and allow it to be “broken” by the user. Has a video and demo code.

Shake Detection
A snippet of code that detects “shaking” of your app.

Repeating Background in Gideros
A repeating background pattern can be used to create a nice looking background while not having to load in huge background images.

Box2d and MovieClip
Sample code on how to use a MovieClip for changing animations based on Box2d collisions.

Removing Box2d Objects on Collision
How to properly remove objects after a collision, sample code only.

Bowerhaus Tutorials

Bowerandy from the Gideros Forums has been producing some really great stuff, and it seems like everyday he has something new coming out. You can find all of his tutorials, plugins and demo code at his blog Bowerhaus.

Handling Multiple Device Orientation – Dynamically detect and change the display of your app depending on the orientation.

Multistroke Gesture Recognition – Allows accurate gesture recognition and even on the fly training of new gestures, includes demo video and code.

How To Create High Quality App Demo Videos – A very unique tutorial that shows how to create great demo videos for your apps. Includes demo video and code.

OZ-Apps Tutorials

OZ-Apps site is all about developing with Lua with a focus on mobile. He covers a lot of ground and has a lot of general interest programming posts. He is a large contributor to the Gideros community and forum.

Create Dynamic Masks
Uses a shape to create a mask over an image.

Code Snippets or Forum Posts

This is a collection of either snippets of code that show how to do something or interesting forum posts that aren’t actually tutorials

eBook Page Turn Effect
A very cool and fluid looking page turn effect.

Creating Italics Effect

Animated Grass Effect
A cool animation trick using a Matrix effect instead of changing images.

Simple Guess the Number Game
A simple text based demo game

Count all Children of Parent
A function to count all the children of parent, even sub children.

Memory Used Check
Simple print of amount of memory used, useful for finding memory leaks in your game.

Distance Between Two Vectors/Sprites

How to Draw a Spiral

How To Draw an Arc/Circle/Ellipse

Rotating 3D Cube

Get Angle From 2 Vectors

Double Linked List

Tile Map With Box2d Physics
A demo using a Tile Map and box2d physics objects.

A* Pathfinding in Gideros
A great forum thread on implementing pathfinding in Gideros, including links to tutorials and some sample code provided by evs.

Collision Filtering Tutorial
A nice tutorial on using Box2d collision filters in Gideros. Posted by twisttap in the forums, it includes an explanation and same code that you can run.

Parallax Background Class
Teranth has expanded on the parallax background scrolling code provided by Adnaan and turned it into a class and added a few more features so it’s easy to use.

Find The Center of a Polygon
Some sample code from Teranth (and his first post too!) with code that finds the center of a polygon.

Mobile Server with Gideros
Arturs has been working on a cool demo that makes his phone into a mobile server.

Logging in Gideros
Trostik shares a simple way to print log messages easily for different elements of your app.

Easing Functions Demo
Magnusviri shares a little demo that runs through the different easing functions so you can quickly see what each one does.

Convert a Lua Table to NSMutableDictionary
Some code shared by SatheeshJM

Physics Editor with Gideros Demo
This is sample code provided by the creator of Physics Editor on how to use the program with Gideros.

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